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Strategic partnering has become one of the most important business activities of our time.

In the Life Science community, there is literally no company in the world that can do it all by itself.

Therefore companies, entrepreneurs and investment groups are constantly looking to partner and maximize all existing opportunities to their full potential;

And there are plenty of opportunities out there!

License In – Business Development

Looking for appropriate candidates to license in can be time consuming and use resources.  More important, the search often results in identification of product  with profiles that do not fit your needs.

Commercial Healthcare Partners can save time and effort by conducting custom searches specific to your specifications.  We accept only those assignments where we believe we can deliver value.

An initial discussion will help define your needs, whether we can help, and our working relationship.  There are several options for working with Commercial Healthcare Partners:

• A retained search
• Contingency search
• Custom arrangement

Contact us today to begin.

License Out – Business Development

Finding an appropriate partner to commercialize a product in research often requires finesse.

Identification of a partner is merely the starting point in the context of a more complex process that often involves due diligence, negotiation, multiple meetings and presentations.

Commercial Healthcare Partners maintains an extensive network of contacts within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  An initial consultation can help define your needs, whether we are an appropriate search partner for your product or technology, and how we can effectively work together.

We accept only those assignments where we can deliver value.  We offer several search options:

• Retained Search
• Contingency Search
• Listing service
• Custom arrangement

Find a Partner – Business Development

A true partner is committed to your success.  Finding a true partner involves asking questions about your organization’s goals, mission, and vision.

Just as “ form follows function”,  partnership structure will reflect your organizations value and needs.

Commercial Healthcare Partners will engage in a dialogue to discern the ideal profile of a partner for you.  We ask questions such as:

  • Which aspects of commercialization do you need a partner for?
    (Regulatory, Clinical Trials,  Sales and  Marketing, Financing)
  • What is the mission, values, and vision of your organization?
  • What is the profile of the ideal partner?
    (Large Pharma, Medium Cap Company, Specialty Pharma or Bio-tech)
  • How involved would you like for Commercial Healthcare Partners to be in finding an ideal partner?

Call us today to begin the journey of finding a partner for your organization.

Find a Distributer – Business Development

Although our primary business is developing partnerships leading to the approval and commercialization of products in research, we can often be of help in finding distributors as well.

Our network includes consultants and others with contacts in Latin America, Canada, Asia, and Europe. We will accept an assignment only if our network can provide value and identify appropriate distributors.

Contact us today for an initial discussion:

Launch Approved Process – Business Development

Commercial Healthcare Partners provides support for the successful launch of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. We have expertise along the entire commercialization spectrum.

We can help create an entire launch plan, assist with sales force recruitment and deployment, and conduct valuable market research.

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