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   P R O C E S S     S T E P S   TO   E F F E C T I V E   P A R T N E R S H I PS 

From the beginning stage of discussing your partnering and licensing needs to the consummation of an effective business relationship, we remain committed to helping your organization reach its goals.  Because we limit the number of projects we accept, we can provide individualized, custom service. 

Call us today to begin the process of taking your technology from the laboratory to market.

Our Partnership Development Process

• Initial consultation
    o Discussion of  your needs, objectives and vision
    o Clarification of your search parameters
    o Discussion  surrounding the ideal partner and product/technology profile

• Follow up discussion
    o We present a plan for the search
    o Obtain approval for the plan with any modifications
    o Definition of the business relationship

• Search Initiation
    o Progress reports generated
    o Consultation as needed
    o Partner introductions and teleconference as opportunities surface

• Negotiation Phase
    o We remained involved to the extent requested by both parties
    o Additional resources identified and applied to process

• Completion Phase
    o We are available to facilitate the completion of the partnership
    o Feedback discussion
    o Identification  and discussion of any further commercialization needs

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