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Finding an appropriate partner to commercialize a product in research often requires finesse.  Identification of a partner is merely the starting point in the context of a more complex process that often involves due diligence, negotiation, multiple meetings and presentations.  Commercial Healthcare Partners maintains an extensive network of contacts within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  An initial consultation can help define your needs, whether we are an appropriate search partner for your product or technology, and how we can effectively work together.  We accept only those assignments where we can deliver value.  We offer several search options:

• Retained Search
• Contingency Search
• Listing service
• Custom arrangement

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28 Jan 2020
Approved 505(b)(2) available for in-licensing:
CHP is pleased to announce the availability of an approved 505(b)(2) product in the cardiovascular space.  US rights only. Asset has significant intellectual property rights.  This p... View Release

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